Tours and treks  in Peru, top 6 hikes in Peru, Peru a country with unique biodiversity in the world starting from the coast with beautiful beaches and extraordinary gastronomy especially (ceviche seafood) and having one of the biggest oasis in the world called huacachina, and also having the only jungle in the world called amazon with flora and fauna that each visitor is impacted by the beauty of the place and also is the last lung of the world and now going to the sierra of Peru with beautiful mountains and snowy especially Cusco having many hikes and archaeological sites that are not the classic Inca trail for example (ancascocha trek 4 days . choquequirao trek 7 days, ausangate trek 4 days, lares trek 3 days, moonstone trek 5 days, manu national park 4 days ) come and enjoy this magic country

tours and treks in Peru is the best place in this magical place because we have the one most important culture the Incas and one of the seven wonders of the world Machu Picchu

We have compiled a list of trekking tours in Peru. Peru is a true hikers paradise. Practically all of the Andes include trekking circuits of various degrees of difficulty and only a few have been discovered as commercial hiking ways used by the pre Incas and local people during these days. The rest are still unexplored and await those who wish to hike the trails of the mountainous range and their extraordinary people.
More than 13.000 lakes, the deepest canyons in the world located in Arequipa (city of Peru, glaciers and snowcapped mountains, jungle and waterfalls, picturesque villages, and the most friendly people one could imagine welcome travelers.
Some trails are so steep they get lost in dizzying abysses, or they zigzag like big snakes between the mountains, like flat and long ribbons lost in the immensity of the desert, or hidden and imperceptible in the thickness of the jungle forest.