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Social Responsability

Sustainable tourism development meets the needs of today’s tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunities for the future. You are expected to be able to lead the management of all resources in various ways such as economically, socially and aesthetically. This is to meet our needs while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems. This is so that sustainable tourism respects and benefits the local population and the environment. This can only be done by learning a little about the country, the culture and even a few words of the local language before you arrive. Responsible tourism is considered a behavior. It is more than just a form of tourism as it represents an approach to engaging through tourism, be it a tourist, a business or local people in a destination or any other tourism partner. Tourism should be “better” as a result of our responsible tourism approach.

Go Treks Peru fully supports the principles of sustainable tourism and has been working hard to demonstrate that it is possible to provide an excellent quality of service by being culturally sensitive, caring for our trekking staff and helping to conserve the environment.

The way to improve our trekking standards and reduce the impact of tourism on the environment is to provide good quality information, charge a fair and reasonable price according to the services we provide, demonstrating that our company works for environmental conservation. and ensuring the well-being of the people who work at Go Treks Peru

As part of our “Under Sustainable Tourism” policy, we have a short-term project to cultivate social responsibility with a community that has already been chosen (participate in the creation of plans for local people, porters and staff, such as for example clothing banks and educational schemes, and being very committed to ensuring that our local population benefits from the means of tourism).

Just to summarize what our goals are:

  • Social, cultural and economic responsibility through tourism.
  • Commitment to our professional staff, operations team and local communities.
  • Create new jobs and opportunities to change the lives and families of locals.
  • Fair treatment, living wages for all our employees and health insurance for our crew and staff.
  • Health and safety for our porters and staff.
  • An environmentally sensitive and socially friendly travel company.

Go Treks Peru is aware that if tourism is not done correctly, it can have a very negative effect on the local population, culture, environment and economy of our country. This is particularly true for a country like Peru, whose economy depends so much on tourism.

Obviously it is important to us that you have a great time when you visit Cusco, but this should not only be for our national treasures, but also for our environment and our people. As a professional company we have the duty to act responsibly and encourage and promote responsible tourism. We should put emphasis on our actions now rather than simply making a list of things we would like to achieve in the future. Go Treks Peru has many economic, environmental and social objectives.

Our goal is to become the main responsible tour operator in Peru, an achievement that in our opinion is very achievable with our determination. However, visitors must also accept their role in helping us achieve this goal. Only if tourists and other travel businesses work together can we ensure that tourism truly benefits local communities, providing income, positive cultural exchanges and a financial incentive to protect the natural environment.