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Short Inca Trail with Camping 2 Days

Short Inca Trail with Camping 2 Days

2 Days | Starting from $ 480 USD per person
Trip Length
Trip Length
2 Days
Group Size
Group Size
Min 2 ppl
Physical Level
Physical Level
Trip Starts in
Pick up hotel cusco
Hiking Distance
2900 MT / 8559 FT
trip icon
Trip Style
Acomodation icon
Lodging Type:
Short Inca Trail with Camping 2 Days camping at the foot of machu Picchu on the inca trail 2 days on the first day Short Inca Trail with Camping 2 Days 1 Night day 2 after camping on the Inca Trail 2 days


Short Inca Trail with 2-day camping

Short Inca Trail with 2-day camping, experience the pilgrimage to Macchu Picchu on the Short Inca Trail with Camping in a more enjoyable way. The 2-day Inca trail with camping has a tour guide, cook, and porters who live in the heights of Cusco.

Where you will spend the night at the Puente Ruinas camp located in the lower part of the Huayna Picchu mountain. This Short Inca Trail with Camping is an excellent alternative to the 4-day Classic Inca Trail to reach the last stretch of the Inca Trail. Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is for people with little time.

The 2-Day Short Inca Trail with a sunset experience in Machupicchu, the first day is to learn a lot about the Inca cultures, taking this adventure day hike to visit the most important Inca site of the famous short Inca trail, Chachabamba, wiñayhuayna, in the lower part. part Toronto, wiñayhuayna “forever young” midday will be at the Puerta del Sol (Intipunku), and in the afternoon we will have the sunset in Machupicchu to take beautiful photographs for your family album and the second day we will enjoy the sunrise and Machu Picchu.

You enjoy one night of camping at our exclusive campsite reserved only for Go treks in Peru.

Tour Type: Trekking/Hiking, cultural, adventurous
Good For: Those in moderate shape, families.
Difficulty: Moderate. It’s not a technical hike but the altitude may affect some individuals.
Consideration: A permit is required, but this is a separate permit process and is generally available with little notice. Closed February.

Trip Details

Trip Details for Short Inca Trail with Camping 2 Days 1 Night

  • Tour Name: Short Inca trail hike with camping  to Machu Picchu 2 days,
  • Tour/Trek Duration: 2 Days/1 Nights
  • Location/Terrain: along the Inca trail, Inca sites
  • Accommodation: beautiful campsite
  • Acclimatization: Due to the high altitude, we recommend 1 day in Cusco before embarking on our Short Inca trail hike with camping  to Machu Picchu  2 days,
  • Adventure Rating   Strenuous trek
  • Activities: Trekking/ Camping
  • Altitude: 2900m/9,139ft
  • Departures: every day  with 2 or more people
  • Customizable: Yes!
  • Tour Type: Hiking and camping
  • Total Distance: 12 km / 7.4 miles
  • Total Walking Time: 6 to 7 hours
  • Starting Altitude: 2,100m / 6,900ft
  • Highest Altitude: 2,720m / 8,700 ft
  • Campsite Elevation: 1,900 m / 6,233 ft
  • Difficulty: Moderate, but challenging
  • Considerations: Permit required
  • Good For: Anyone with a moderate level of fitness
  • Sustainable Tourism: At GoTreksPeru, We have responsible practices in tourism by being environmentally friendly and supporting local communities.
  • Service Level: At GoTreksPeru we have the experience to organize trips with the maximum comfort for our travelers, achieving unique experiences.
  • Trek’s Difficulty: This tour is level 2/5 and considered for all types of persons in good health.
  • Age Requirement: This tour can be done by children from 4 years old and up, remember that minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Inca Trail Permits: It is included in your Short Inca Trail. Please note: the trail is fully booked months in advance during the high season.
  • Crew: A professional Tour Guide.
  • Meals: 01 breakfast, 01 lunch, 01 dinner, 01fin bag of snacks.
  • Transportation: Private van, 2x train (Expedition train service).
  • Accommodation: Campsite, During the 2-day Inca Trail tour.

2 Day Inca Trail Hike Camping Availability

Choose the best month and day for your hiking to Machu Picchu! You can check the Inca Trail Permits Real-time Availability with us and Book Online! Please contact by WhatsApp +51 928886576 and Our staff will reply to the availability for your Hike to Machu Picchu with camping immediately. We recommend booking in advance the Short Inca Trail for 2 days.


Start with Short Inca Trail with camp 2 day

Our adventure begins with a pick-up at your hotel (4:30 a.m.) where we will head to Ollantaytambo (part of the sacred valley of the Incas) to the train station (to take our train) to “Kilometer 104”. It’s 1 hour and 30 minutes. Once there we will pass the checkpoint and our walk along the Short Inca Trail begins. The first section of the walk is 4 hours before we will visit the archaeological center of Chachabamba where the guide will explain to us about this place and then continue uphill. Lunch will be served later. (in fact, eat
a box lunch) if you are vegetarian, let me know.
After lunch, you will continue walking towards the (Intipunku-Sungate), for an hour and a half, then you will have time to take some photographs (THE FIRST STUNNING VIEWPOINT OF MACHUPICCHU), and then you will be only 40 minutes from Machu. Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world and an enigmatic place after all, we will have 2 options: the first option is to walk to our base camp called Puente Ruinas; The second option is to take the bus, it is really up to you and we will have dinner at the camp prepared with our cook.


  • Meals:  Lunch and dinner in the base camp
  • Distance: 12 km/7.5 miles
  • Time: 6hrs approximately
  • camp
  • Hot shower,
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Highlights: Hiking Short Inca Trail with Camping, enjoying the views from the Sun Gate, sunset views from Machu Picchu camping at the foot of Machu Picchu.

Finishing Short Inca Trail with Camping 2 day

After a delicious early breakfast, we will board the bus transporting us to the Majestic Lost City of the Incas, “Machu Picchu”.or the other option is hiking takes 1-hour approx.   The trek leader will impart the history of this mystical place.  We will have the opportunity to visit the “Temple of the Sun”, the “Royal Palace”, the “Main Temple”, the “Temple of the Three Windows” and the “Sun Dial”.  Here, we promise an unforgettable experience.  After your guided tour, you’ll have free time to do your own exploring.

If you have reserved your visit to “Huaynapicchu” (tickets limited to 400 per day – not included), you’ll begin your hike at 7:00 – 10:00 a.m., please coordinate with the Tour Guide for your visit depending on Municipality’s programmed time.

There are many more activities that you can do.  These activities are optional (not included with the package) for example The “Puerta del Sol” (2 hour hike up and down), where you will appreciate the Inca city from a different viewpoint.

In the afternoon, you’ll catch the train (4:20 p.m.) to reach the City of Ollantaytambo. Upon arrival at Ollantaytambo, we will have transportation waiting to drive you back to your hotel in Cusco (2 hours Approx.).

Depends on the ability of the train back to Ollantaytambo


  • Highlight: Arrive early to Machu Picchu to enjoy the sunrise
  • Temperature: Warm and humid
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Train: Expedition tourist class

Inclusions Tour

All included for Short Inca trail with camping to Machu Picchu 2 days

  • Short Inca Trail with Camping Pre-departure briefing.
  • Inca Trail permits and Machu Picchu Sanctuary.
  • Admission document to the Inca Road System by SERNANP – INCA TRAIL “National Service of Natural Protected Areas.”
  • Detailed explanations by your guide in a briefing 1 or 2 days prior to your tour that included maps related to the trek
  • Pick-up from your hotel on your departure: touristic private transport from your hotel to the train station
  • Entrance tickets to Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
  • Local Professional English guide for the entire tour
  • Assistant or 2nd Guide when there are groups over 8
  • Meals according to program + snack at the beginning of the trek
  • Water bottle and Box lunch in Wiñayhuayna
  • Vegetarian meals at no extra charge (also allergy-related menus can be accommodated)
  • Visit the following Inca archaeological sites (Kanabamba, Wiñay Wayna, Sungate & Machu Picchu)
  • Bus tickets down to Aguas Calientes town
  • 1-night Hostel in Aguas Calientes town, Breakfast on the second day at Hotel
  • Second bus tickets Aguas Calientes /Machu Picchu/ Aguas Calientes
  • 2 hour private guided tour by your English speaking tour guide (plenty of free time to enjoy Machu Picchu on your own)
  • Tourism class train ticket until km 104 (Chachabamba)
  • Return ticket in Touristic class train from Aguas Calientes to Cusco.
  • First Aid kit, including emergency oxygen bottle
  • Touristic class transport from Train / Hotel
  • All local taxes

What is not included in 2 day Short Inca trail

  • Tips (Tipping is 100% optional depending on the service you received)
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Last lunch


Passport information to book a permit for short Inca Trail

For this Short Inca Trail with camping, you will need to send us your passport details such as full name, passport number, nationality, and date of birth in order to process it.

If you do not send the correct data, you will be denied entry to the Inca Trail!!!!

If you still want to enter the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, you will have to pay a new permit ($100.00).

The starting point for the Short Inca Trail with camping

The Short Inca Trail starts in Cusco, but if you are spending a night outside of Cusco, then please check the table below for possible starting and pick-up points.

Luggage storage for the Short Inca Trail with camping

If you have extra luggage, it can be safely stored at your hotel in Cusco or at the train station in Ollantaytambo. If you choose the latter, our driver picks up your luggage on the day of the trail departure and drops it off at our office.

Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu mountain

Machu Picchu Mountain, also known as the “Old Mountain”, is the mountain on which the Inca citadel was built. It is located at an altitude of 3,082 meters, that is, almost 600 meters above the Inca city.

Machu Picchu Mountain has the capacity to receive 800 tourists a day, who ascend the mountain’s wide path while experiencing breathtaking views of the entire geography of the place.

In order to visit the mountain, it is necessary to purchase in advance the Machu Picchu + Mountain Ticket.

Huayna Picchu, or the “Young Mountain”, is a mountain located north of the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. It is the summit that stands out in the classic postcard of the Wonders of the World and is 2,693 meters high, 300 meters higher than the Inca city.

The climb to Huayna Picchu is requested by most adventurous visitors as they enjoy taking selfies there. To reach its summit, one must ascend a narrow trail to the edge of vertiginous cliffs to be rewarded by splendid views of the New Wonder of the World at the end. The climb is considered one of the most incredible short walks in the world. However, it is only accessible to 400 visitors a day.

To climb Huayna Picchu, it is necessary to previously buy the Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu Ticket (80 USD/person).

In case it is sold out, Tierras Vivas reserves the Machu Picchu mountain for you.

What to pack for the Short Inca Trail with camping

You should pack as light as possible as you will be carrying your luggage from Ollantaytambo to the town of Aguas Calientes. We recommend keeping the weight under 5 kg/10lb (including personal clothing).

Don’t forget to bring a cover for your backpack.

Short Inca Trail with Camping Weather

The high mountain region of Cusco has well-defined winter and summer seasons. Winter days (June to August) are very sunny, dry and warm, but the temperature drops to near freezing at night. Summer (January to March) is characterized by rainfall.

The heaviest rains usually occur between January and March.
October is still dry, but colder, with temperatures dropping to 0 degrees at night.

Short Inca Trail with camping Weather

The rainy season from November to April gives the feeling of a tropical downpour. It rains a lot, but the showers usually do not last long or the rain is usually overnight.

From May to September (which is the high tourist season), temperatures along the Short Inca Trail range from 20 – 35º C during the day when it is sunny and 10 – 20º C during the day if it is cloudy and 5 – 15º C at night.

February – the Inca Trail is closed for maintenance during the entire month which falls in the so-called “low season”.

Landslides are an occasional problem. Although rare, it has happened that visitors get stuck in Machu Picchu or between Aguas Calientes and Cusco because a driver blocked the road.

How to dress for the Short Inca Trail

Hiking pants and T-shirts are recommended during the day, complemented by sweaters, fleeces and waterproof jackets. It is very necessary to have light rain gear in the backpack (poncho or rain jacket and/or rain pants), as the weather changes easily and sudden showers can occur. At night, warm clothing is required, down jackets can be useful, as well as a fleece sweatshirt and jacket.

Price Notes

Prices: Short Inca Trail with Camp 2 day

Permits are needed for your chosen start date. Tour prices are based on the number of people in a group. Prices are valid from March 2023 through January 2024. All prices quoted are $USD

  • group service:  $480 per person

Important: Price includes up to 7 kilos of your personal belongings to be carried by the mules (NO need of extra Porter hire!).

Discounts: Short Inca Trail with camping

  • Student Discount 20$ dollars
  • Those under 15 years will pay as a student: US$20.00
  • Under 7 years Discount: US$35.00

Optional Extras (Need to Book in Advance):

  • Machu Picchu Mountain climbing:  USD 25.00 (Need to book in advance)
  • Huayna Picchu Mountain climbing: USD 25.00 (Need to book in advance)


Packing List

Travel Guide Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with Camping 2 Days

Extra information Short Inca Trail

Briefing: On the 2nd or 1st day before your trek, the guide will visit you at your hotel for the briefing.

Transportation Short Inca Trail: All your transportation is included in this trek. You will be picked up directly from your hotel in Cusco around 4:30 am. – 05:30 a.m. (unless you are staying in Ollantaytambo) and taken to Ollantaytambo, to take a train to km 104, the starting point of the trek.

Professional Guides Short Inca Trail: All our guides have studied English and tourism. They all grew up in this region and have a real passion for teaching others about their heritage. They are fun but professional and will make sure you are safe and happy.

Permits Short Inca Trail: As soon as we receive your details and a deposit, we will purchase your permits. These permits are for a specific date and in your name. They cannot be changed, once confirmed. You are only allowed to update your passport number. The permit includes an entrance fee to Machu Picchu.

Food on the Short Inca Trail: You will be provided with a snack on the first day to enjoy along the trek. You will also enjoy dinner in the town of Aguas Calientes and breakfast the following morning. Lunch on the last day is not included.

Water on The Short Inca Trail: A 500 mL bottle of water is included in the lunch box. You must provide your own water bottles or camelback. We recommend bringing about 3L worth of water.

First Aid: Each guide has been trained in first aid by a doctor. Your tour guide will always have a first aid kit for basic medical problems (traveler’s diarrhea, cuts, scrapes, etc.) and oxygen. We will get you off the road as quickly and comfortably as possible, if necessary, and make sure you get directly to a clinic for treatment.

Accommodation on the Short Inca Trail: We spend the night in a small locally owned hotel with private bathroom and breakfast facilities (Double or Twin room). All the hotels we use in Aguas Calientes are located within walking distance of the train stations. If you wish to upgrade your accommodation or have your own hotel reservation in Aguas Calientes, the discount is U$ 20 per person (Double or Single room).

The use of Hotel in Machu Picchu is: Susana Inn Hotel

We recommend advance booking of individual supplements and accommodation before and after the tour. Single accommodation can be arranged for a supplement, subject to availability. Please request at the time of booking.

Extra Tickets for the Short Inca Trail:

As you can see, there are several optional upgrades that you can include on this trip. Below is a quick list of prices:

Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain.

Huayna Picchu Entrance Fees + Circuit 4

Huayna Picchu is the mountain that rises next to Machu Picchu. It is a 45 minute hike to the top. While this hike is done on your own, your guide will tell you where this hike begins. This is an additional entrance ticket that we can secure for you with advance notice. The Huayna Picchu ticket costs $80 per person.

Machu Picchu Mountain + Circuit 3 Tickets

Machu Picchu Mountain is the other mountain that towers over the ruins of Machu Picchu. It offers even more impressive views than Huayna Picchu, but it takes an hour and a half to reach the top. This is an additional entrance ticket that we can secure for you. This ticket costs $80 per person.

What to Bring

  • A good daypack.
  • Original passport.
  • Lighter trekking boots (with good ankle support)
  • Three pairs of trekking pants.
  • One rain jacket: The first night, the temperature can be as low as – 5 degrees Celsius/23 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • One warm/winter jacket (Thermals: wool socks/gloves, scarf, and woolen hat for cold nights).
  • Four shirts.
  • Two long-sleeve shirts.
  • One good sleeping bag.
  • Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended).
  • Bug spray.
  • Water.
  • Digital Camera and film
  • A headlamp to navigate camp in the evenings and pre-dawn mornings with spare batteries
  • Bandages or moleskin.
  • Flip flops. Your toes will thank you!
  • Plastic bags for dirty and wet clothes
  • Something to read in the evenings
  • Extra money.

Frequently Asked Questions Short Inca Trail with Camping 2 Days


  • Whether you are trekking the Inca Trail in 2023 -2024, it is recommended to secure your spots as soon as possible (CHECK the OFFICIAL INCA TRAIL AVAILABILITY ABOVE) there is no reason to wait! – BOOK NOW!
  • The number of available spaces shown in this page is for both: for the CLASSIC INCA TRAIL which is done in 4 Days, 5 Days, 3 Days and 6 Days the ones that goes via Salkantay. And the Short Inca Trail that starts from Km 104 always has spaces. Please, confirm which of them are you interested when consulting or booking
  • The Inca Trail is CLOSED every year in FEBRUARY for maintenance, for allowing conservation projects, and too much rain; so this month is not available.
  • Whether INCA TRAIL permits for your desired date are SOLD OUT, you can always pre-reserve for another date, for next year or simply consider other alternative tours which get to Machu Picchu as well
  • Also it is important to know that NO matter how many clients cancel their Inca Trail reservations, NOBODY else can  use these spaces as the system is designed to prevent some companies to book the spaces with made-up information in advance and then change it with that of their last-minute real clients.
  • We hope you find this information on the Inca Trail Availability useful and if so, start dreaming about your next adventure in 2030 – 2024- 2025!


Instructions to Book Online (Reservations) Choose a date, and Let us know how many people you are.

First step: Check the Availability

Ensure that you are making the reservation plenty of time in advance. Check that there are still spaces available in our group and book as far ahead as possible since our trek departures dates are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the date that you enter Peru. If you do not have a valid passport or plan to renew your passport before coming to Peru please see our Frequently Asked Questions and Booking & Conditions page for more details.

Choose your preferred date or join us to any of fixed departure date (We need 02 people to open a new departure date) and please note we will never pass you onto another operator as most travel agencies do here. (they share transportation, Food, Guide, Cook and porters) to minimize costs that’s why many charge less than us. because they are thinking to share with other companies. But Quechuas Expeditions organize the trip even the group is of 02 ppl.
We require all Personal information as well as a Non-refundable US$200 to ensure your Inca Trail permits and porters permits as well as Inca Trail and Machu Picchu entrance fees.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have received feedback from many clients saying that our confirmation emails are often directed to their spam folder rather than their inbox. To ensure that you receive our reply, please modify your Junk or Spam filter settings to allow the incoming info@gotreksperu.com email address. You may also want to add this email address to your list of known contacts.
First check the Inca Trail availability to ensure we have a confirmed date for your departures please click to:

Second step: Check your Personal Information and BOOK

Fill in our Inca Trail booking form(See the Attached File). Please do not make a reservation until you have all the details below. We cannot accept a booking without all the names, nationalities, passport numbers and ages:

The following client information is requested for any Inca Trail booking:

• Complete names and surnames (as in your passport appears)
• Passport Nationality
• Passport number
• Date of Birth
• Gender

IMPORTANT NOTE: The exact information provided by you will be submitted to the Government Institution (INC) in charge of regulating the access to the Inca Trail and will be included in the official permit to enter the Inca Trail on the requested date. Should there be any change in the above-mentioned data (ie. New passport number), we kindly request you to inform toy your Travel Consultant via e-mail as soon as possible. The government reserves the right not to allow the entry to any visitor whose data are not the exact ones as those in the official permit. Quechuas Expeditions Tours excludes any responsibility for a no entry in case the passenger information has changed without prior notice to us.

Third step: Trek deposit

To secure the Inca Trail Reservation with us, the client must deposit US$200 . Please note that the program deposit is non-refundable. Without a down payment your Inca Trail Trek is not confirmed.

Payment can either be made by Western Union, PayPal, Bank Transfer(western  union the fastest and safest method of Payment in Peru).

Fourth step: Confirmation Travel Invoice

We will send you a Travel Invoice of the trek and deposit (with the signing of our Travel Consultant), when we receive all requirements above. You have to print this document to show in our office in Cusco.

Fifth Step: Come to Cusco and pay the remaining trek balance in Cash

You can pay the balance of the trek at our offices in Cusco (minimum of 2 days before trek departure, before 10:00am). Payment can be made in cash US$, local currency (Peruvian Nuevo Soles) or American Express Travel Checks (+ 5% commission charged). You can withdraw cash in either US$ or Peruvian Sole from one of the many ATM machines in Cusco (Visa, MasterCard, etc). Prior to departing for Peru it is advisable to inform your bank that you are coming to Peru, so that you do not experience any problems with your credit/bank cards whilst abroad. Remember that the limit that you can withdraw each day in Peru may be less than your normal limit at home.


Briefing before the Inca Trail with camp on Cusco

Pre-departure briefing;
One or two days before departure our representative in Cusco will contact the clients in their hotels, where you will meet with your guide, he’ll provide information and answer any questions they might have about their Inca trail program. We must be informed in which hotels the clients are staying and the date of their arrival.

Where you will meet with your group and guide, here you will be given any rental equipment such as sleeping bags and duffle bags if you have requested extra porter the actual time of your briefing (6 or 7pm) will be confirmed at your check-in at the office 2 days prior to the trek.
If you do not have an operator in Cusco our office can take care of the reconfirmation of any domestic flights to Lima or other cities. Please ask for further information when you make your reservation.

What about my luggage which I don’t need on the trek?

We suggest you to leave your entire luggage, which you don’t need during the trekking, behind in your hotel. Almost every hotel in Cusco has a safety deposit where you can store your luggage and do not charge for this service when you’ll return to the same hotel after your trek. But if they don’t have a place we also have a place where you can leave with us. Let us know.

What if I have a medical emergency while hiking the trail?

Guides carry a first aid kit for basic medical problems (traveler’s diarrhea, cuts/ scrapes, etc.). They receive Red Cross First Aid and other emergency training every year. Our guides lead over 300 travelers along the Inca trail each year and we have rarely had a traveler unable to complete the hike. In these rare instances when someone has not felt well enough to finish the hike, he/ she has been escorted back to Cusco and generally felt well enough to re-join the group in Machu Picchu via train a few days later. Cusco has the nearest modern medical facilities so travelers with a serious medical emergency would need to be evacuated there. Guides and porters have pre-established evacuation strategies in place should this need occur.

What are the guides like?

Go Treks Peru guides are among the very best and most experienced guides anywhere. They are from the surrounding Cusco/ Sacred Valley area and speak fluent English, in addition to Spanish and the native language of Quechua. Most have 5-10 years of experience leading Inca trail hikes and all have training in the history, spirituality, culture, and ecology of the area. We receive rave reviews on our guides. For more information, check out our Testimonials at: Our Testimonials Most of them are highly recommended by Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor.

What about late cancellations?

Current regulations do not allow us to replace cancelled passengers with new passengers. Trek permits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If I give you my deposit now, do you buy my permit immediately?
Not necessarily immediately, but we customarily purchase the permits within a few days of receiving your deposit.
and if you want us to act Asap (Send us Your deposit by Western Union which is the fastest and safest way in Cusco, Peru and we can get the money in Minutes and Confirm the Trip in Minutes as well.)

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