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Pallay Punchu Trek 1 Day | New Rainbow Mountain In Cusco

Tour Pallay Punchu 1 Day Trek  from Cusco

The trail of the new attraction of Pallay Punchu, is located in the high Andean part of Cusco, in the province of Canas at an altitude of 4780 m – 15710 feet). This mountain is known as Pallay Punchu.

Pallay Punchu Trek 1 day. Along the trail you will be able to observe some varieties of fauna such as Vizcachas, Llamas, Alpacas, and if you are lucky the Condor also with little flora such as Andean grasses or ichu, a type of straw widely used in this place to make ropes and for the roofs of your homes

Pallay Punchu Trek 1 day from Cusco, is a new tourist destination off the beaten path where you will enter an off-the-beaten-path place, now so you can be here since this place is still not known and in the very near future it will be very popular and it will lose its charm.


  1. Enjoy the delicious breakfast and lunch typical of Peruvian cuisine
  2. Enter an unbeaten trail and enjoy the incredible views
  3. Once in Pallay Punchu, enjoy the place and enjoy the beautiful view of the snowy Auangate
    enjoy the peculiar llamas and alpacas of this place


  • Start point: Cusco, hotel pick up from 4:00 to 4:30 am
  • Pick up: hotel
  • Ending point: Cusco city center – Plaza Regocijo
  • Duration: 1 full day trek
  • Departure: Daily departures
  • Meals included: 1 Breakfast, 1 lunch
  • Vegetarian/vegan: Food available upon request at no extra charge
  • Free storage: Available
  • High season: From April to October


  1. Enjoy the delicious breakfast and lunch typical of Peruvian cuisine
  2. Enter an unbeaten trail and enjoy the incredible views
  3. Once in Pallay Punchu, enjoy the place and enjoy the beautiful view of the snowy Auangate
    enjoy the peculiar llamas and alpacas of this place
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Day by Day Travel Schedule

Customize this itinerary by adding extra days to any location. Please contact one of our expert travel advisors for advice.

Pick-up will be between 4 am to 4:15 am at your lodging place and then we will head south. After breakfast, we will continue walking for 3 hours to the villages of Langi and Layo from this place we will begin our walk. We will pass by a charming stream that is home to herds of llamas and alpacas.

You will be able to appreciate the highest snow-capped mountain in Cusco, the majestic Ausangate at an altitude of 6300 meters above sea level. We will tour the towns and interact with the locals.

We will have the opportunity to see chinchillas and vicuñas. Vicuñas are the only non-domesticated animal of the llama family in Peru. After a high-altitude path, we will reach the destination known as Pallay Punchu. You will have the opportunity to take photographs. Later we will leave at 2:30 p.m. arriving at our place for lunch.
After lunch, we will depart back to the city of Cusco, where we will drop you off at your hotel.

What's Included


  • Private transportation to Kayrawiry
  • Pre-trek Briefing 1 or 2 days before your trek.
  • Pick up from your hotel in Cusco (no matter which hotel)
  • Entrance fee into the Park
  • Tour guide for the entire trip (English speaking)
  • Transportation to the beginning of the Rainbow Mountain hike
  • 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and snacks.
  • First Aid kit
  • Oxygen tank
  • walking stick
  • Taxes

Not Included

  • Horse.
  • Walking poles.
  • Water/snacks.
  • Waterproof bags.

Trip Info

Permits are needed for your chosen start date. Tour prices are based on the number of people in a group. Prices are valid from March 2023 through January 2024.

All prices quoted are $USD

  • group service: $70 per person


What is Pallay Punchu?
Pallay Punchu is another mountain of colors located 3 hours from Cusco and you can visit it in a full day.
Can I do a day tour of Pallay Punchu?
If possible, contact GO TREKS PERU and we will be happy to take you to this new circuit
What does the Pallay Punchu day tour include?
includes transportation, tour guide, breakfast, lunch, entrance fees and walking sticks
Can I do a multi-day trek to Pallay Punchu?
If possible with camp, cook mules and muleteers
What should I bring for the Pallay Punchu tour?
Hiking shoes, camera, clothing for the cold, sunscreen, sunglasses, and rain gear since the mountains are unpredictable
Is the Pallay Punchu tour suitable for children?
Children should be in good shape and adapt in Cusco for at least 2 days
Can I bring my food to the Pallay Punchu tour?
Not necessarily, since it includes breakfast and lunch, but you can bring snacks
Is the Pallay Punchu tour wheelchair accessible?
It would be very complicated and unfortunately not possible.
What is the elevation of Pallay Punchu?
The elevation of Pallay Punchu is 5,290 meters (17,356 feet).
How difficult is the Pallay Punchu tour?
With good physical condition and acclimatization, you should not have problems but in emergency cases, you can rent a horse
Can I book a private Pallay Punchu tour?
Yes, it is possible, contact us and you will have an unforgettable experience on this little-known trail
What is the maximum group size for the Pallay Punchu tour?
Maximum is 8 people, if there are more there are 2 guides
What is the best time of year to do the Pallay Punchu tour?
In Cusco, between the months of April and September, there are very sunny and beautiful days to be able to fully enjoy this trail.
How long is the walk on the Pallay Punchu tour?
At an unhurried pace and enjoying the place, it takes 5 to 6 hours in total.
Do I need to be physically healthy to do the Pallay Punchu tour?
Necessarily yes, you should go to the gym in your country and also acclimatize in Cusco for 2 days and if not you should have problems
Is there any age restriction for the Pallay Punchu tour?
In general no, but if I want to come with children or adults they should be in good physical condition.
Is camping included in the Pallay Punchu tour?
No, since this trail is only 1 day and there is no camp.
What is the cancellation policy for the Pallay Punchu tour?
Payment is by Paypal with a 25% advance and once in Cusco you should pay 100% since one day before the trial you will have the information about this trail
Is there any discount for booking the Pallay Punchu tour in advance?
On very special occasions like BlackFriday up to a 30% discount
Can I bring my pet on the Pallay Punchu tour?
No problem, since this trail does not yet have restrictions
Is the Pallay Punchu tour safe?
With good hiking equipment and good training, you will be great on this trail
What is the terrain like on the Pallay Punchu route?
It is a dirt trail and if it rains it is slippery so come prepared with hiking equipment
What is the weather like on the Pallay Punchu tour?
The climate is hot in the dry seasons of May and September, the rest is the rainy season.

How long does the Pallay Punchu Tour last?
The tour lasts from 4 am to 5 pm and the trail is 5 to 6 hours round trip
Is there any age restriction for the Pallay Punchu Tour?
So far there are no restrictions and you can come with children and adults in good physical condition or, in the last case, you can rent an emergency horse.
Do I need to acclimatize before taking the Pallay Punchu Tour?
Yes in Cusco for around 2 days minimum
Is there a guide on the Pallay Punchu Tour?
No, it is recommended to hire a travel agency in Cusco and learn more about the Inca culture and the history of this place.
Are meals included in the Pallay Punchu Tour?
Yes breakfast and lunch
Can I do the Pallay Punchu Tour independently?
Yes, but to have an unforgettable experience it is advisable to hire a travel agency
Can I book the Pallay Punchu Tour online?
Yes, of course by entering the website and pressing the book now button

Pallay Punchu 1 Day tour from Cusco

The Pallay Punchu mountain is located in the district of Layo, province of Canas, Cusco at about 4700 meters above sea level. The arrival time is approximately 3 hours, departing from the city of Cusco.

As in most of the Peruvian mountains, the climate is similar. This mountain has a climate very similar to that of Vincunca (Rainbow Mountain of Peru). Which makes it very cold, with strong winds.

During the day it is very sunny and at night it is very cold, with a wind that burns and a sun that does not seem to warm anything.

Let’s not confuse the Climate of Machu Picchu with the other tourist destinations in Cusco, Machu Picchu is in the jungle and is temperate almost all year round.

The best time to go see this place is during the dry season in Cusco. This season runs from May to October, so we can see the mountain clear and full of color.

Why is Pallay Punchu Mountain a new tourist attraction in Cusco?
Also known as Pallay Punchu del Apu Tákllo Apacheta, it is a destination that, unlike Vinicunca, has more pronounced mountains. Furthermore, the attraction of this place is that we can see one of the largest lakes in Cusco (Langui), which makes it a unique and amazing place.

How to get to this new rainbow mountain in Cusco?
Like Vinicunca, Rainbow Mountain Perú, and Palccoyo, this place is located far from the city of Cusco, the good thing is that we can access it by taking a car to the Layo – Cañas district.

The distance to travel is about 5.3 km, once there the walk can last from 2 hours to about 4 hours, depending on your physical condition.

Being a new place there is still no access for cars to get us as close as possible, but the city council is thinking about making one, which will make access easier.

Recommendations for the walk
First, you must be well acclimatized to the altitude; it is advisable to go after being in Cusco for 2 or 3 days.
You must be in good physical condition to reach the top of Pallay Punchu mountain.
Carry a trekking pole or walking stick to support you and help you with the hike.
Bring and use sunglasses with UV protection, a hat or cap, and strong sunscreen.
Wear trekking shoes that fit your size.
Wear light, warm clothing such as gloves, scarves, jackets, etc.
Go with a travel agency or go alone
Before the pandemic we could tell you that you can take 1 of 2 options, but, with this whole COVID-19 situation, the best option is to go with a travel agency. Since at the moment, there is no interprovincial transportation, and if you find it, it will be difficult to get there on your own.

To get to Pallay Punchu Mountain with an agency you just have to coordinate with them and go in the best way possible and without complications.

Travel profile for this destination
It is ideal for hikers, adventurers, nature and landscape lovers. The recommended age is from 12 years to 50.

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