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National Parks in Peru

National parks preserve the country’s natural diversity.

Peru has 14 national parks that are administered by the National Service of Natural Protected Areas (SERNANP), under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment.

Natural resources. National parks are areas that are representative samples of the country’s natural diversity and its large ecological units. In the National Parks, any direct use of natural resources for commercial purposes and the settlement of human groups that have not traditionally occupied these territories is prohibited.

Ready. Research, education and sustainable tourism are promoted in these areas. These are the 14 national parks that Peru has: of Cutervo, Tingo María, del Manu, Huascarán, Cerros de Amotape, del Río Abiseo, Yanachaga – Chemillén, Bahuaja – Sonene, Cordillera Azul, Otishi, Alto Purus, Ichigkat Muja – Cordillera del Cóndor, Güeppi-Sekime and Sierra del Divisor.

Trouble. Although these parks are sheltered by the state, they often face illegal logging and mining.

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