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Manu National Park Tours From Cusco

Explore the stunning biodiversity of Manu National Park with our customizable tour packages. Book now for a memorable trip.

The cultural zone of the Peruvian Amazon Jungle is explored on our Manu National Park Tours from Cusco. This exclusive four-day jungle expedition was created to give you a comprehensive look at life in Peru’s Manu National Park.

Manu National Park is one of the largest parks in South America, and it may be found where the tropical Andes and the Amazon meet in southeastern Peru.  The Manu Biosphere Reserve protects about 2 million acres of land, including a wide range of ecosystems such as high Andean meadows, cloud forests, and lowland tropical rainforests. Manu National Park was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. A protected area of considerable and global significance for biodiversity protection, it was quickly established there.

Cusco-based Day Trips to Manu National Park:

The Andes Mountains and a cloud forest await you on our four-day Manu Adventure Tour. During this hike, our native English speaker naturalist guide will lead the way. You’ll have plenty of chances to learn about and experience the native flora, fauna, paths, and customs.

Your stay in our eco-friendly jungle lodges in the heart of the Amazon rainforest will be an unforgettable highlight of your trip. The hot springs are a great place to cool off after a long day. We’ll be performing brief night treks in the unspoiled regions of a virgin Amazon rainforest in search of nocturnal animals.

Trips to Manu National Park from Cusco: Why Choose Us?

Located in the Palotoa neighborhood of Manu National Park, Go Treks Peru is a locally owned and operated tour business. We are proud to have hired many of the area’s residents.

Our qualified English-speaking tour leaders are native speakers with years of expertise leading tours in the Amazon. They are well-versed in the local flora and fauna, hiking routes, and customs of the indigenous people.


An early pickup from your Cusco accommodation at 05:00 AM kicks off your unique four-day Manu National Park tours. We’ll be taking you to Huancarani, a little town in the Andes, in our own private vehicle. We’ll be having a sit-down breakfast here. Paucartambo, a colonial and legendary town, awaits us, so after a hearty breakfast, we’ll be on our way there.

Our resident guru will expound upon the significance of this old settlement. You’ll grasp its importance to the Incas and learn how the natives have preserved their ancient customs without alteration., The next stop is Acjanaco Pass or Tres Cruces, and we’ll take you there. The three crosses that rest atop this landmark inspired the locals to give it the name Tres Cruces (Three Crosses). The beginning of Manu National Park can be found here. We’ll take a stroll up to the Balcon del Este lookout. You may take in the breathtaking scenery of Manu National Park and the Amazon Basin.

After taking in the breathtaking scenery, we’ll begin the descent to San Pedro. El Gallito de Rocas, also known as the Andean Cock of the Rock, is the national bird of Peru and can be seen in this area. We’ll start off your experience in Peru’s Manu National Park with a short hike led by a local Amazonian expert. After you’ve had your fill of Manu National Park’s breathtaking scenery, we’ll take you to our Paradise Lodge. You will spend the night in a hotel room with a private bathroom provided by us. Dinner will be served by the hotel staff, and it will be fantastic.

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Tour of the Palotoa Ecological Reserve and the Paradise Lodge on Day 2

The day will begin with a hearty breakfast before you set off to explore the Peruvian Amazon’s lowland rainforest. We’ll provide transportation to the Atalaya harbor. We’ll be making a pit break to check out some coca fields along the road. We’ll pause at a lookout point to take in the Manu River’s dramatic course through the jungle.

Atalaya Port is the final stop on our road trip. To get to Aguas Calientes de Manu, we’ll be taking a boat down the Alto Madre de Dios River. This tiny town has a hot spring, as its name implies. In addition to the enormous otters, other creatures and a wide variety of birds can be seen from the boat.  When you arrive in Aguas Calientes, one of the first things you should do is take a swim in the town’s natural thermal waters. When you’ve had all you can eat, we’ll take a boat deeper into the forest to our renowned lodge in Palotoa Ecological Reserve. You’ll be staying in a room with private bathroom facilities.

Manu National Park Tours From Cusco
Manu National Park Tours From Cusco

Trip to Manu National Park:

Following your first taste of an Amazonian meal made entirely from foraged foods, we’ll start off on a trek into Manu National Park. Birds, butterflies, and other plant species dot the lodge’s trail. In-depth information on them will be provided by our tour guide. The locals put their faith in these herbs to treat any illness.

Following an exciting day of exploring the Amazon and watching the sunset over the jungle, we’ll head back to the lodge for a delicious meal. We plan to go on a night tour later in the evening in hopes of seeing some nocturnal animals. This is something you can’t afford to miss.

Day Three: A Hike Around the Palotoa Natural Reserve ​

You’ll get a far more in-depth look into the Amazon Jungle on the third day of your Manu National Park Tour from Cusco with an English-speaking local guide.

After a delicious Amazonian breakfast, we’ll go on a jungle hike to see what we can see. For this hike, a modest day pack with some food and drink is advised. We should see a wide variety of animals, such as tapirs, anteaters, monkeys, and even wild pigs.

The area is also rich in butterfly diversity. Birds like harpy eagles, parrots, and toucans are also common sights. We will also show you other varieties of Palm trees, as well as some big trees and more therapeutic plants.

We’re going to have our lunches out in the middle of the forest. We can see alligators when hiking through the swamps. Our native guide will teach you how to stay alive in the wild. Climbing trees, identifying edible fruits, and finding water sources are all skills you’ll acquire. We’ll be returning to our lodge for dinner after an exciting day in the jungle. A bonfire is on the agenda for tonight. A nighttime trip is available later in the day, giving you the best chance of seeing rare animals and insects.

Atalaya Paucartambo Cusco Palotoa Ecological Reserve Day 4

The last morning of our four-day trip to Manu National Park from Cusco begins with a hearty breakfast inspired by the flavors of the Amazon. We will leave the lodge and return to the port of Atalaya via boat. Here, our driver and the vehicle we’ll use to return to Cusco will be waiting for us.  Stops have been planned throughout the route for those who would like to get out and stretch their legs, use the facilities, or grab a bite to eat. By 6:00 PM local time, we will have arrived in Cusco.

When should you go to Manu National Park?

The dry months of April through November are ideal for exploring the Peruvian Rainforest. Access by road becomes more challenging and forest routes may become flooded during the rainy season (February – March).

Are yellow fever, malaria, and malaria vaccinations necessary?

There have been no confirmed incidences of yellow fever, malaria, or dengue in Manu National Park; nonetheless, it is always wise to check with your doctor before planning an extended stay in a tropical area.