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The Ausangate trek

The Ausangate Treks do not require permits to hike along these trails. We offer several treks through this breathtaking region, all of which can be done on their own or as a package including Machu Picchu. Ausangate Treks are moderate to strenuous with high altitude passes and remote wilderness camping and hiking. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore a true off the beaten path area of Cusco and Machu Picchu – a once in a lifetime experience! We can also modify either of our Ausangate treks to be longer or shorter and a few of our routes even combine with the Rainbow Trek! Contact us if you need some guidance in choosing which trek is best for you!

The Ausangate trek is considered strenuous, with a few moderate days sprinkled in. The trek is classified as Grade C in difficulty, which implies altitudes between 14,800 to 16,400 ft (4500-5000 m) and 6-7 hours of hiking per day. Many of the days have steep sections that cause rapid altitude gain in a short time.

Go Treks Peru is dedicated to excellent customer service and adventure experiences. We are also proud of the fact we do not charge extra to “upgrade” as we offer the best option included in the price already. There are no hidden meal costs and best of all no booking fees!

Ausangate Trek Tours

There are various tours heading to Ausangate Mountain. Some can be combined with a visit to Rainbow Mountain or other sites. You can read more about your options here.

Ausangate Trek 5 Days

5 Days & 4 Nights
Easy - Moderate
reviews tours 10 Review
From $550

Ausangate Trek 7 Days

7 Days & 6 Nights
Easy - Moderate
reviews tours 1 Review
From $750

Ausangate Trek To Rainbow Mountain 4 Days

4 Days & 3 Nights
Easy - Moderate
reviews tours 1 Review
From $400

Ausangate Trek To Rainbow Mountain 2 Days

2 Days & 1 Nights
Easy - Moderate
reviews tours 6 Review
From $200

Ausangate Trek To Rainbow Mountain 3 Days

3 Days & 2 Nights
Easy - Moderate
reviews tours 10 Review
From $300

Explore the Ausangate Trek

Observe incredible wildlife and various species along with local fauna.

Ausangate is one of the highest mountains in the Cusco region and is also an important cultural centre for the Andean communities. Every year huge pilgrimages are made to the mountain. This has been going on for centuries.

The peak of the mountain is 6,385 masl, but we won’t go quite that high. On this hike you’ll come close to nature and feel the connection while you observe the impressive views that surround you. You’ll get to observe some fascinating bird species and other wildlife along the way as well as spectacular landscapes.

Unlike other hikes, this is more about nature and its beauty rather than Inca ruins. This is a quieter trek in the Cusco region and you can enjoy peace and tranquility. It’s perfect for those who love outdoor trekking adventures.


The AUSANGATE TREKS hike along a stunning trail in the Vilcanota Mountain Range. It is very remote and is truly a pristine wilderness for hiking and camping. This is an excellent and popular alternative to the Inca Trail, offering breathtaking vistas every step of the way. On this trek, you will see many beautiful lakes, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, chinchillas, and herds of alpacas and llamas. If you are lucky you may also see wild vicuña and even a condor! The 7 Day/6 Night Ausangate Trek & Machu Picchu Package includes the best of both worlds: a stunning 5 day trek past snow-capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, and wildlife, all ending with a tour of Maras, Moray & Salineras on Day 6 and a tour of one of the 7 man-made wonders of the world, Machu Picchu on day 7. The 5 Day/4 Night Ausangate Trek is the same incredible multi-day hike without the tour of Maras, Moray, & Salineras or Machu Picchu. Both treks are strenuous due to long mileage (67 km/41.6 m) and high altitude passes (up to 5,400 m/17,716 ft).

MOST EPIC!  For the truly adventurous we also offer an 8 Day/7 Night Extended Ausangate Rainbow Trek & Machu Picchu Package. Can’t choose which trail you like best – hike them both in this incredible combined trek. If you don’t fancy going to Machu Picchu or have been there before – try our 7 Day/6 Night Extended Ausangate Rainbow Trek.

Ausangate is an excellent and quiet/remote trekking circuit offering stunning features such as spectacular mountain scenery, snow-capped peaks, hot springs, turquoise lakes, glaciers, herds of llamas, alpacas, and wild vicuña, picturesque villages, and traditionally dressed Quechua people. This is a moderate to challenging trek, not technical, with several high passes and often freezing cold nights. It is essential to be properly acclimatized for this hike, spending at least two or three days in Cusco (or equivalent altitude) before starting. The campsites are at high elevations and therefore will be below freezing in the evenings.

Minimum passengers necessary for trek departure: 2 people (1 person or private/custom treks possible with extra fee). Maximum trekkers per group: 10 people (special, private party groups can exceed the maximum).