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Ausangate Trek To Rainbow Mountain 3 Days

Ausangate Trek To Rainbow Mountain 3 Days

3 | Starting from $ 390 USD per person
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Cusco - Pick up from your hotel
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Immerse yourself in the heart of the Andes: Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountain 3 Days

This trek offers a glimpse into the soul of the Peruvian Andes. Hike alongside traditional Quechua communities living at high altitudes (around 4,267 meters) amidst stunning scenery. Witness glaciers, colorful lakes, and relaxing hot springs in the Vilcanota Mountain Range.

Soar with the condors (South America’s largest flyers) and observe diverse Andean wildlife like vicuñas, marmots, geese, falcons, and ducks. Despite the high altitude, the trek is considered moderate after acclimatization.

Here’s a detailed itinerary:

  • Day 1: Cusco – Tinki – Upis (camp at 3,800 m/12.464 ft.)
  • Day 2: Upis – Ananta (camp at 4,850 m/15,908 ft.)
  • Day 3: Ananta – Rainbow Mountain (camp at 5,030 m / 16,480 ft)

For many centuries the people of the rural areas of Peru have maintained many ancestral traditions. One of these regions that have undergone little changes is the Andean communities that reside in the mountains of Ausangate.


Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountain: Day 1 Itinerary

Early Rise and Scenic Journey (5:00 AM):

  • Our adventure begins with a bright and early pick-up from your Cusco hotel.
  • We’ll board a comfortable bus and leave Cusco behind, heading towards Tinki (3,800 m/12,464 ft) via the Cusco-Puerto Maldonado Highway.
  • Along the way, prepare to be captivated by the beauty of the region:
    • Urcos: We’ll make a stop to admire the picturesque Urcos Lake.
    • CATTCA: This charming farming community offers stunning panoramic views.
    • Ocongate: We’ll pass through this traditional village.

Reaching Tinki and Embarking on the Trek (3-hour drive):

  • After a scenic 3-hour drive, we’ll arrive at our starting point – Tinki.

Moderate Climb and Lunch Break (3-hour hike):

  • The trek begins with a gradual climb through the Puna, a high plateau characterized by sparse vegetation.
  • After a 3-hour hike, we’ll reach our designated lunch spot. Here, you can savor a delicious meal while enjoying breathtaking views of the majestic Ausangate Peak (6,372 m/20,900 ft).

Reaching Upis Alto Campsite (2-hour hike):

  • Following lunch, we’ll continue our trek for approximately 2 hours.
  • Our destination is Upis Alto campsite, nestled at an altitude of 4,400 meters (14,400 ft).
  • This idyllic location boasts stunning panoramic views of the surrounding snow-capped peaks.

Camping Under the Stars:

  • Upis Alto campsite offers a front-row seat to the grandeur of Ausangate Mountain.
  • You’ll be camping and enjoying dinner with this majestic peak as your backdrop.
  • To add to the experience, the campsite is conveniently located near relaxing hot springs (perfect for a post-trek soak!).


  • Hiking Distance:            7 km/4 miles
  • Hike Time:      4-5 hours
  • Highest Altitude:          4,400 – 14,435 ft.
  • Lowest Altitude:           3,800 m/12,467 ft.
  • Level of Difficulty:        Moderate

Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountain: Day 2 Itinerary

Morning Ascent and Wildlife Spotting:

  • Fuel up for the day with a delicious breakfast prepared by our chef.
  • We’ll embark on a 2-hour hike, gradually ascending to reach La Arapa Pass (4,850 m/15,908 ft).

Breathtaking Views and Lunch Break:

  • As we descend from the pass, prepare to be mesmerized by the surrounding landscape:
    • Keep your eyes peeled for falcons, vizcachas (Andean squirrels), and vibrant lakes – Pucacocha (red), Hatun Pucacocha (big red), and Qomerqocha (turquoise).
    • Soak in the majestic panoramas of snow-capped peaks.
  • We’ll enjoy a well-deserved lunch while surrounded by this breathtaking scenery.

Steady Climb and Arrival at Camp:

  • Following lunch, we’ll tackle a slower, 2-hour climb towards the base of Abra de Apuchata (4,900 m).
  • As we finally descend to our campsite in Ananta for the night, brace yourself for a spectacular view of the Ausangate glacier.


  • Hiking Distance:            15 km/10.5 miles
  • Hike Time:      8-9 hours
  • Highest Altitude:          5,000 m/16,076 ft.
  • Lowest Altitude:           4,400 m / 14,062 ft
  • Level of Difficulty:        difficult

Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountain: Day 3 Itinerary

Sunrise & Summit Conquest:

  • Awaken to a warm cup of coca tea, a traditional Andean beverage known for its invigorating properties.
  • After breakfast, we’ll embark on a gradual uphill hike for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Reaching the Crown Jewel – Rainbow Mountain:

  • Our destination is the awe-inspiring Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain (5,030 m / 16,480 ft).
  • Your expert guide will lead you to the most photogenic spots, ensuring you capture stunning images of these colorful mountains and the surrounding peaks.

Understanding the Colorful Marvel:

  • Your guide will unveil the scientific secrets behind the vibrant hues of Rainbow Mountain. This unique geological phenomenon, while present in other parts of the world like China and Argentina, remains a captivating spectacle here in Peru.

Farewell to the Rainbow & Descent:

  • After soaking in the beauty and capturing unforgettable memories, we’ll continue our trek for approximately 2 hours downhill.
  • We’ll enjoy a celebratory lunch at the end of the trail.

Returning to Cusco:

  • Following lunch, our comfortable transportation will take you back to your hotel in Cusco, marking the end of this unforgettable adventure.


  • Hiking Distance: 10 km / 6 miles
  • Hike Time: 5-6 hours
  • Highest Altitude: 5,030 m / 16,480 ft
  • Lowest Altitude: 4,410 masl (meters above sea level)
  • Level of Difficulty: Easy (though the high altitude may present challenges)

Inclusions Tour

What’s Included in Your Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountain 3 days Adventure:

Professional Guidance:

  • Bilingual English-speaking tour guide (with an additional guide for groups exceeding nine people)
  • Pre-departure briefing at your hotel (1-2 days before the trek) to ensure you’re well-prepared

Transportation & Logistics:

  • Roundtrip airport transfers to your Cusco hotel (ensuring a seamless travel experience)

Camping Comfort:

  • Four-person tent for every two trekkers (providing ample space for a comfortable rest)
  • Experienced chef to whip up delicious and nutritious meals throughout the trek (vegetarian, vegan, or special dietary needs can be accommodated)
  • Dedicated wranglers and horses to transport all camping equipment (food, tents, chairs, tables)
  • Horseback transport for 8 kg of your personal belongings, freeing you to focus on the scenery
  • Duffle bag to conveniently store your personal gear

Mouthwatering Meals:

  • Hearty and delicious meals featuring pancakes, omelets, soups, fresh fruits, avocado, pasta, chicken, fish, meat, and rice (all rich in carbohydrates for optimal trekking energy)
  • Daily afternoon tea time with treats (tea, coffee, cocoa, biscuits, popcorn) to keep you energized
  • Boiled water provided from the second day to ensure proper hydration
  • Wake-up call with a warm cup of coca tea delivered to your tent each morning

Campsite Conveniences:

  • Daily buckets of hot water delivered to your tent for washing
  • Biodegradable soap and hand sanitizer for maintaining hygiene

Safety & Security:

  • Oxygen tank and first-aid kit readily available for emergencies

Please note: This list is subject to change depending on the tour operator you choose. It’s always recommended to double-check inclusions before booking.

By including these details, we’ve reorganized and optimized the “What’s Included” section to be:

  • Categorized: Information is grouped for better readability (e.g., Professional Guidance, Transportation & Logistics, etc.)
  • Benefit-oriented: Focuses on how each item enhances your trekking experience.
  • Concise: Uses clear and concise language.

What’s  not Included in Your Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountain Adventure:

  • Tips: Guide, Cook, Horseman.
  • Water on Day 1
  • First breakfast and last lunch
  • extra horse

Price Notes


Daily departures! Embark on this unforgettable trek with Go Treks Peru, your local adventure provider. We only require a minimum of 2 people, so you can choose a date that works for you.

Price Breakdown:

  • 2 People: $390 per person
  • 3 People: $350 per person
  • 4 People: $315 per person
  • 5-6 People: $295 per person
  • 7-8 People: $280 per person

Ready to experience the magic? Contact Go Treks Peru today!

Important: Price includes up to 7 kilos of your personal belongings to be carried by the mules (NO need of extra Porter hire!).


  • Student Discount 20$ dollars
  • Under 15 years will pay as student: US$20.00
  • Under 7 years Discount: US$35.00

Packing List

Stay Packed Light, Trek Strong: What to Bring for Your Ausangate Trek

To ensure a comfortable and hassle-free trek, Go Treks Peru provides the following:

  • Duffle Bag: We’ll give you a duffel bag at the briefing to conveniently store your belongings.
  • Dedicated Porter: An extra porter will be assigned to carry up to 7 kg (14 lbs) of your gear, including your sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and extra clothing.

Here’s a recommended packing list to keep your personal duffel bag light:


  • 2 T-shirts
  • 3 Pairs of Hiking Pants (minimum)
  • 4 Sets of Underwear
  • 3 Pairs of Hiking Socks
  • Bathing Suit (for hot springs)
  • 2 Sets of Fleece/Thermals
  • Warm Clothes (including a down jacket for the 2nd campsite, which gets down to around 3°C)
  • Waterproof Gloves (recommended)
  • Comfortable Camp Shoes

Additional Essentials:

  • Quick-Drying Towel (a larger one than the one provided is optional)
  • Small Bottle of Soap (we provide warm water for daily washing)
  • Battery Charger (no electricity on the trek)

Packing Pro-Tip:

We offer large plastic bags at our office. Don’t hesitate to ask for them!

What to Bring

What to Bring

  • Original passport (or ISIC if applicable) and travel insurance.
  • Light, sturdy trekking boots and appropriate clothing layers.
  • Rain jacket, warm/winter jacket, and thermals for cold nights.
  • Sufficient underwear, socks, t-shirts, and long-sleeve shirts.
  • Sleeping bag liner, tissues, wet wipes, and altitude sickness remedies.
  • Sun protection cream, bug spray, and a reusable water container.
  • Camera, headlamp, bandages, flip flops, and toiletries.

Frequently Asked Questions Ausangate Trek To Rainbow Mountain 3 Days

Ausangate Trek to Machu Picchu 3 Days FAQs

About the Ausangate Trek

The Ausangate Trek is among Cusco’s most breathtaking trails, spanning 55 km over 4 to 5 days. Along this route, you’ll encounter turquoise lagoons, glaciers, roaming llamas and alpacas, chinchillas, and the majestic Ausangate peak towering at 6385 meters above sea level. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in nature’s wonders and mysteries.

Preparation for the Ausangate Trek

To tackle this trek successfully, prior physical conditioning is crucial. Regular exercises like hill running or a daily 10 km jog will prepare you adequately. However, individuals with heart conditions should avoid this demanding trail due to its high altitude. Acclimatizing in Cusco for 1 to 2 days is advisable, or starting your journey from Arequipa or Puno can help you adjust better to the altitude.

Best Time to Hike the Ausangate Trek

The prime hiking season spans from April to September, offering sunny days perfect for photography and clear views of the mountains. October to March marks the rainy season, with cloudy skies and slippery paths, making hiking less favorable.

Can I Do This Trail Independently?

Yes, it’s possible with proper camping gear, trekking equipment, and navigation tools like GPS and maps. However, due to unclear markings, the risk of getting lost is higher, especially in cloudy conditions. Opting for a reputable trekking company like GO TREKS PERU ensures a safer and more enriching experience.

Weather on the Ausangate Trail

Weather in the Andes can be unpredictable, with sunny days and temperatures dropping below 0°C at night. Adequate trekking gear, including sunscreen and waterproof clothing, is essential. Carrying at least 2 liters of water per person is recommended to prevent dehydration.

Choosing the Ausangate Trek

The Ausangate Trek offers two main categories: a short route (2-4 days) and a longer option (5-7 days) encompassing colorful mountains, breathtaking lagoons, and the majestic Ausangate peak. The longer trek provides a comprehensive experience, showcasing rarely seen landscapes.

Incredible Views Every Day

Capture stunning moments of turquoise lagoons, snow-capped peaks, and indigenous wildlife throughout the trek, including the iconic Rainbow Mountain.

Luggage Storage During the Trek

Hotels and trekking companies like GO TREKS PERU offer secure luggage storage facilities for your convenience.

Difficulty of the Ausangate Trek

Due to its high altitude, the Ausangate Trek is challenging and not recommended for novice hikers. Prior trekking experience is beneficial for tackling this demanding trail.

Renting Trekking and Camping Gear

Various rental shops in Cusco offer trekking and camping gear. Speedy Gonzales on Procuradores Street is renowned for its quality and affordability.

Important Tips

  • Switch your smartphone to airplane mode to conserve battery.
  • Stay hydrated and carry purifying tablets for water sources along the trail.
  • Be prepared for changing weather conditions with warm and waterproof layers.
  • Carry essential items like a first aid kit, repair tools, and blister treatment.
  • Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • Rainbow Mountain is best visited in the morning or early afternoon to avoid adverse weather conditions.
  • Ensure you have necessary travel documents, travel insurance, and medication for altitude sickness and stomach ailments.

Medical Considerations

Carry medication for upset stomachs and pain relief, such as Imodium AD and Ibuprofen.

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