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Ausangate Mountain


The Ausangate Mountain Trek is a 70-kilometer, high-altitude trek in the Peruvian Andes near Cusco, with an average altitude of more than 4000 meters. Ausangate Mountain trek unlike most other treks in the region, does not feature Inca ruins; instead, it is characterized by breathtaking scenery, including snow-capped peaks, glaciers, colorful mountain lakes, and Rainbow Mountain. If you enjoy hiking, beautiful nature, and venturing off the beaten path, this walk is for you.

Ausangate trek is one of the most difficult hikes in the Cusco area, but also one of the most scenically rewarding. Read this article if you have any doubts about hiking Ausangate on your own; we trust it will help you decide whether to do a guided or unguided trek. For more information on our favorite Peruvian treks.

How do I get from Cusco to Ausangate (Tinqui)

The trek begins in Tinqui, a small village located 100 kilometers from Cusco.

Getting here by public transport from Cusco is a breeze. Modern Coliseo Cerrado is close to Terminal Paradero Livitaca, which is easily located on Google Maps and is located near Terminal Paradero Livitaca. The ticket costs 10 Sol/$3 and takes approximately 2.5 hours.

ausangate mountain

Is it necessary to bring a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping mat on this Ausangate Mountain hike?

Experienced travelers may not even require a tent if they take the time to carefully organize their campsites. Along the way, you can rest at a few lodges marked on maps like this one. This hike is unlike others in the region because it is quite unlikely that you will be able to find a campsite or hut where you may sleep inside on beds and linens.

In the region, communities were not receiving any monetary reward from the progress of tourism development. To solve this problem, a framework was established to compensate the local communities for the use of their land and allow them to participate in the monetary benefits of the expansion of tourism and trekking, since agriculture is only a subsistence activity and tourism will be crucial for the progress of the future populations of Ausangate.

in general organize well these details of the camping equipment because it is the coldest trail in the Cusco region (with a good 3-season tent, sleeping bags feathers and walking sticks you shouldn’t have any problems).

Meals & Food to Ausangate Mountain trek

If I haven’t already, you will have to carry with you all the food you plan to eat on this trip. You will not be able to resupply, and probably you will not be able to find a hut on the trail that will provide you with food until the bigger villages like Tinky, For this keep in mind that depending on your days of 3, 4, 5 days you should provide yourself with food, nutrients, and sweet and salty snacks and drink water 2 liters per person at least ( you do not need to buy water in Cusco along the trail there are many rivers where you can stock up in general with some purifying tablets you would have no problems.

Food Shopping in Cusco to Ausangate Mountain

Around the Mercado de San Pedro is where most of the shopping is done. where to find cheap dried fruits and nuts. Fresh cheeses that withstand the cold of travel can also be found at the market. Chocolate and granola are just two examples of packaged goods available on the market.
In addition, coca tea, candies, and coca leaves are available throughout the market and serve to counteract the effects of the altitude. Next to the Mercado de San Pedro, you can find an Orion which is a South American grocery store. It is used to stock North American snack favorites including Oreos, Ritz, and Snickers.
Snickers cost only 2.7 soles or about 0.66 cents in US currency. If you bought them in the U.S. for a dollar each, you’ve made a great deal. With all this information you should have no problem.

Dogs: A Very Serious Caution

Herding communities populate the area and their huts dot the road. The shepherd dogs in each house fiercely protect their territory and rarely do more than bark when approached. However, there is a possible attack on hikers before it got underway.
Along the trail, I encountered mostly barking dogs. Before you could continue hiking,. However, I came to a hut where three barking dogs ran towards me. I used my trekking poles as a protective barrier as the dogs growled around me.
When their owner whistled and threw some pieces of meat at them, they came back to him 30 seconds later. After what I went through, I have no doubt that they have attacked hikers in the past and that extreme caution should be exercised.

Ausangate Mountain Weather

The weather in the highlands is notoriously fickle and prone to sudden shifts. Assume the worst and pack for wet and stormy weather. The temperature will drop well below freezing at night. There are numerous campsites at an altitude of over 16 kilometers. Keep in mind that for every doubling of altitude (in feet), there is a 5.4-degree F decrease in temperature. If at all feasible, choose the campsite with the lowest elevation. You won’t have to worry as much about altitude sickness now.

ausangate mountain

Ausangate Mountain Altitude

The highest obstacle on the Ausangate Trek is the high altitude. Even if you’ve already spent a day in Cusco before your trek, you may want to give yourself a little more time to acclimate.  On the first day of climbing, you’ll gain more than 5,000 feet in altitude from Cusco to an average of over 15,000 feet and over 16,000 feet at several mountain crossings.  Consider arriving in Tinki or Upis a day early and staying the night bSun to let your body adjust to the higher altitude. Higher altitudes have a thinner atmosphere, making it easier for the sun to burn people. Sunburn is a laughing matter, as someone who has never been outside can attest.

Best Hiking Season to Ausangate Mountain

May through October is the dry season.

November – April is the wet season.
The dry season is considered the optimal time for trekking in Peru, as weather conditions are ideal: sunny skies and minimal rainfall. July and August are in full trekking season. However, nighttime temperatures at this altitude will be quite low. Temperatures hover around freezing during these months, according to reports from hikers. For understandable reasons, the wet season brings its own difficulties. Storms and rain increase the danger of high-altitude hiking. If you are looking for the best time to go, you may be interested in September or October, which are on the edge of the dry season and therefore may offer the best circumstances.
During the hike in mid-November 2022, the minimum temperature at night hovered around 25 degrees Fahrenheit and had several rain and snow showers.

Map of Ausangate Mountain

Trekking fees

Ausangate & Rainbow Mountain is managed by the specific community that lives in the area. Each community charges an entrance fee to its grounds. This entrance fee will cover different things depending on the community. For some, it only covers the usage of the path. Others include campsites, toilets, and even night guards. If you choose to take a guided trek with a travel agency, these fees may or may not be included–this should be clarified with the specific company.

Ausangate 4-Day Trek ending in the Rainbow Mountain entrance fee

There is also a charge of S/. 3 per night for each pack animal (donkey, horse, or mule) for grass consumption at every campsite.

Ausangate 6-Day Trek ending in the Rainbow Mountain entrance fee

There is also a charge of S/. 3 per night for each pack animal (donkey, horse, or mule) for grass consumption at every campsite.


Essential Equipment to Ausangate Mountain Trek

On this trip, you should try to carry as little as possible in your backpack. Without a guide, you’ll have to lug around all of your gear while you ascend steep mountain passes.
Making every piece of equipment count is crucial because the impacts of altitude are amplified while carrying a bigger load. You can store your extra belongings at the hostel in Cusco.

Major Four:



Equipment of a Different Nature:

Amazing scenery every day?

For those who really love to take pictures of amazing landscapes, Ausangate will have many rewards in store. The entire path is above the tree line, giving visitors a panoramic view of gorgeous mountainous landscapes every day.

where you can leave your travel equipment

Most accommodations and travel agencies will allow you to leave your big bags or luggage in their storage for the time that you are doing the Ausangate trek and then picked them up on your return.

how hard is the Ausangate trek?

The main reason that Ausangate is considered difficult is that the whole hike takes place at high altitudes. This trek is probably not suited to first-time hikers. If you are a strong walker and have finished some moderate treks prior to this then you should be fine.

How much does the Ausangate trek cost?

2 people $ 500.00 Enquire Now
3 people $ 400.00 Enquire Now
4 people $ 380.00 Enquire Now
5 people $ 380.00 Enquire Now

What color is Ausangate?

Ausangate is the representative mountain of the Cusqueños Andes. It is located in the Vilcanota mountain range with large lagoons with a bright green/blue color.