Lares trek to Machu Picchu (includes Pisac ruins), 4 days

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  • Lares Trek. Image author: McKay Savage
  • panorama pisac ruins peru -author- Chensiyuan
  • Lares Trek. Image author: McKay Savage
  • Best trek to MachuPicchu Peru
  • Lares Trek. Image author: McKay Savage
  • Lares Trek. Image author: McKay Savage
  • Lares Trek. Image author: McKay Savage
  • Best agency to go to MachuPicchu Peru
  • Best agency to go to MachuPicchu Peru

Lares trek to Machupicchu is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places we have in Cusco.

If you don’t want to reserve the “Classical Inca Trail”, this is the best alternative due to geographical and historical region (Snow, in the Native Quechua language means: “Apus gods who preserved the vital liquid water, by making offerings, so that they never lack water their fields of cultivation).  Also, we can see lagoons (that in Quechua is translated to “qochas” a place of the origin of the Incas – natives from this area still make special ceremonies to those lagoons.

You can also see many South American Camelids typical of Peru, Chile and Argentina, especially many alpacas, llamas, guanacos, whom where especially sacred to the Incas (Llamas played a very important role in transportation and some were used in sacrifices as a form of sanctification for a good yield in crop production.

Along the hike from Lares to Machu Picchu, you’ll meet traditional communal folk who are cheerful and still use the traditional attire (bright and colorful) of the original natives from the area.

This trek is definitely for those individuals who like to walk, attain more historical knowledge, and meet people seeing their everyday contact with the Pachamama (“Mother Earth”).  This trek towards Machu Picchu also allows you to fully enjoy the microclimates and unique landscapes, along with old-fashioned cuisines and fresh natural products. We have a very experienced cook who will surprise.

CAUTION: Please allow a minimum of two (02) days to acclimate before considering to begin your adventure package to Machu Picchu.




Whats included
Professional Guides: All of our guides grew up in this region and have a true passion to teach others about their heritage. They are fun yet professional, and will ensure you are safe and happy.
Briefing: The night before your trek, you will come to our office for your briefing. You will receive your duffel bag that will stay with your porters, while you hike. This bag should not exceed 7 kg/14 lbs and does need to include your sleeping bag and air mattress.
Porters & Horsemen: We include a personal porter, who is responsible for carrying your duffel bag containing your personal items. There is no additional fee for this. We will give you your duffel bag at your briefing the night before, to be filled with the things you will need for the next night and day. You will not have access to your duffel bag until your arrive at your evening campsite.
Emergency Horse: All of our Alternative Treks include an extra horse for our clients to use if they need a break from trekking. Due to the path conditions, this horse is only available for the first day and a half, so please conserve your energy. If you are feeling unwell, you will also have the option to take a car to the second campsite, with the porters.
Hotel: The trek will include three nights of camping and one night in a hotel in Aguas Calientes, the town below Machu Picchu. We include a 3 star hotel, typically at Inti Punku Inn (or similar), if available. Your booked hotel will be listed on your confirmed invoice. Upgrades are always possible.

Transportation: All your transportation is included in this trek. You will be picked up directly from your hotel around 4:30 a.m. (unless you are staying in Ollantaytambo before the trek) and brought to the trail head to begin your trek. Your train returning after Machu Picchu is Expedition class and can be upgraded on your way home to the Vistadome train for $65 per person. Once you arrive at the train station, you will be brought back to your hotel in Cusco. Your round-trip bus ticket from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu is also included.
Equipment: has the best equipment. We use good tents 4 person tents that are shared by only two people. You will have a spacious dining tent to enjoy your meals in.
Food: Our Chef delicious meals that many previous trekkers have raved about. We honor all food restrictions. Be sure to remind your tour guide of any food restrictions at the beginning of your trek. Food is typically served family-style. You will enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner each day of the trek, along with a happy hour of tea and snacks. You will also be provided a snack each morning, for you to enjoy along the hike. Your last meal with your chef will be after breakfast on day four. Lunch the last day is not included.
Water: Beginning from your first lunch until your last breakfast, will supply all the water needed. This water will be boiled, filtered and then cooled, before distributing. You must supply your own water bottles or camel back. We recommend carrying about 3L worth. We will refill our waters at each meal.
First Aid kit: Every guide has received training in first aid from a physician. We conduct mandatory training sessions every February, which every single Alpaca tour guide must attend. Your tour guide will always have a first-aid kit for basic medical problems (traveler’s diarrhea, cuts, scrapes, etc.) and oxygen. We will get you off the trail as quickly and comfortably as possible, if needed, and ensure you get directly to a clinic for treatment.
Extras: We believe it’s the attention to small details that separates us from other tour companies. Every trekker receives a small pillow to sleep with, a foam mattress for insulation, a day pack cover to protect their things while hiking and a rain poncho. We will work hard to create your best vacation.

Not included
• Sleeping Bag – US$20 per person per trek (It will be clean and warm)
• Air Mattress – US$20 per person per trek (Therm-a-rest mattresses)
• Walking Poles – US$15 per pair per trek (Professional Poles that can be extended)
• Personal tent: US $30 – (Please request when you book your Trek)
• Vistadome Train Upgrade – US$57 per person (For the return to Cusco)
• Huayna Picchu Mountain – US$35 per person (Please request when you book your Trek)
• Machu Picchu Mountain – US$30 per person (Please request when you book your Trek)
• Lunch on the last day in Aguas Calientes


Day 1: Cusco – Huaran – Cancha

“Ready for the adventure”; Pick-up at 5:30 a.m. at your hotel. Heading towards the City of Pisac (1 hour approx.) there we will have a historical account of the ruins in Pisac, while enjoying the sun rise and the breathtaking view of the Valley of Pisac and a delicious breakfast.  Afterwards, we’ll travel to the Village of Huaran (40 min.).  It’s here that you’ll link up with our staff, re-group and organize for our adventure towards Lares Trek to Machu Picchu.

This adventure is for 4 days and 3 nights.

First day trekking; as your adventure begins, it’s a smooth and easy day where you’ll see the natural way of life of the inhabitants of this region and observing maize “corn” and potato fields.  You’ll continue for Approx. 3 hours, on a gravel road until having lunch.  Afterward lunch, we recommend a “siesta”.  Then we will walk approx. 1 hour until arriving to camp of the “Cancha – Field” with an impressive view of the snow covered mountain and the main road that we are going to follow for the next 3 days.  We will have short interaction with the local kinsman and women, have an early dinner and hot drinks.  At night you’ll indulge in viewing the constellations and snowy peaks.


  • Meals:                            Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea Time & Dinner
  • Accommodation:         Camping Facilities
  • Hiking Distance:          12kms / 7 miles
  • Est. Hiking Time:         6 hrs. approx.
  • Highest Altitude:          4000 m
  • Lowest Altitude:           3200 m
  • Level of Difficulty:        Moderate
  • Weather:                         hot and cold
  • Bathroom:                      No electricity


Day 2: Cancha – Quishuarani

We awake at 5:45 a.m. with a refreshing hot “coca tea” (helps with the altitude sickness).  After packing up we will continue to ascend and you’ll find children herding.  As per Peruvian tradition, we definitely recommend taking presents like (clothing, toys, especially books and pencils).  In case, you have altitude sickness during this steep climb to the top, we’ll have horses to mount while you rest (Approx. 4 hrs.) to the peak called “Pachacutec”.

Then we’ll enter into a tiny town called “Acopata” to enjoy a delicious cup of coca tea/soda, while sightseeing the crystalline lagoons and observing part of the sacred valley.  The trek will have its ups and downs (40 min. Approx.) till we reach our lunch area near a lagoon with abundant “trout”.

Later, we’ll walk to the community of Quishurani still descending for about 1:40 min to stop and have lunch.  After lunch, we’ll continue for another 2 hours to reach camp (Quishurani).  Here you’ll enjoy the local communities’ way of life and have hot fusion drinks.


  • Meals:                            Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea Time, & Dinner
  • Accommodation:         Comfortable tents, inflatable mattress´s, blanket´s & pillows
  • Hiking Distance:          14kms / 10.3 miles
  • Est. Hiking Time:         8hrs approx.
  • Level of Difficulty:        Arduous
  • Weather:                         Cold
  • Local shop at campsite quishuarani


Day 3: Quishuarani – Cuncani – Lares – Ollantaytambo – Aguas Calientes

Picking up where we left off, you’ll have an early wake-up call with hot coca tea delivered to you tents.  Followed by a delicious breakfast.  We begin our hike for approx. 3 hours all the while observing the many crops such as our world famous nutritionally complete grain known as “Quinoa”, and many varieties of potatoes all originally from South America.

Once we’ve reached the “Huillquicasa” top, you’ll have a gorgeous view of some very transparent lagoons.   After a quick break, we will start down to the village of Cuncani, our transportation awaits us.  The drive is about 30 min to the secluded “Hot Springs” near the City of Lares.  After taking pleasure in the different naturally heated hot springs, you’ll have lunch.  After lunch, we’ll board the bus towards the City of Ollantaytambo (part of the Sacred Valley).  Here you’ll have Dinner while you wait for your train ride.  In Ollantaytambo, you’ll take the train to the “City of Aguas Calientes”, which rests at the foot of Machu Picchu.

• Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner
• Accommodation: hotel
• Distance: 15kms / 9.3 miles
• Time: 6hrs approximately
• Difficulty: Moderate
• Train to machupicchu (aguas calientes)
• Aguas calientes (internet,cable tv,hotels,restaurants,ATM)
• Hot shower


Day 4: Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu (The Sacred City Of The Incas) – Cusco

After a delicious early breakfast, we will board the bus transporting us to the Majestic Lost City of the Incas, “Machu Picchu”.   The trek leader will impart the history of this mystical place.  We will have the opportunity to visit the “Temple of the Sun”, the “Royal Palace”, the “Main Temple”, the “Temple of the Three Windows” and the “Sun Dial”.  Here, we promise an unforgettable experience.  After your guided tour, you’ll have free time to do your own exploring.

If you have reserved your visit to “Huaynapicchu” (tickets limited to 400 per day – not included), you’ll begin your hike at 7:00 – 10:00 a.m., please coordinate with the Tour Guide for your visit depending on Municipality’s programmed time.

There are many more activities that you can do.  These activities are optional (not included with package) for example: The “Puerta del Sol” (2 hours hike up and down), where you will appreciate the Inca city from a different view point.

In the afternoon, you’ll catch the train (4:20 p.m.) to reach the City of Ollantaytambo. Upon arrival to Ollantaytambo, we will have transportation waiting to drive you back to your hotel in Cusco (2 hours Approx.).


• Meal: Breakfast
• Difficulty: Easy


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