Inca Quarry Trek To Machu Picchu, 4 days

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Our hike from the Incan Quarry to the Majestic Lost City of the Incas, “Machu Picchu” (It’s a less known & scarecly visited route) Soqma to Chaski trek.

It is a great trek for those who want to have a wholesome and immersive experience, all the while, learning the history of the Incas. This tour route has recently been included into the six best alternatives to Machu Picchu according the National Geography Given that it includes ten wildlife zones, you’ll be able to observe versatile ecology (incredible flora & fauna) which are extremely diverse and complex.

During this trek you’ll arrive to an Incan site called “Peroniyoc”, while appreciating small local communities in their daily tasks and discover the operations of the main Incan rock quarry, located 5 miles away from Ollantaytambo.  At this Quarry, the ancient Incan stone-cutters carved and polished the rocks to build the “Temple of the Sun” in Ollantaytambo.

After three days of this adventurous hike, we will arrive to the City of Aguas Calientes by train. The fourth day you will visit the great Lost Incan City of Machu Picchu.

CAUTION: Please allow a minimum of two (02) days to acclimate before considering to begin your adventure package to Machu Picchu.

DEPARTURE TIME Early in the morning.


• Private transportation from the hotel to Choquequilla Trail head.
• Licensed guide fluent in English, Spanish and Quechua.
• Round trip train ticket from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes
• Bus ticket from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu
• Admission ticket to the Machu picchu Archaeological Complex
• Hotel with private bathroom, hot shower, wifi, storage and buffet breakfast included
• 2 person Igloo tents (large and comfortable)
• Delicious meals during the 4 days as indicated in the itinerary
• Cook and cooking equipment
• Horseman and mules, to carry all camping and personal equipments (7 kgs of your personal items such as extra clothes, sleeping bag will be carried by our mules)
• Provision of a horse with helmet supplied in case of emergency such as illness, to ensure trek can be completed by all participants
• First-aid kit including emergency oxygen tank
• Boiled water to fill in your bottles
• Guided tour in Machu Picchu
• Thick foam mattress
• Small Pillow

• Breakfast on the first day, Lunch & dinner on the last day
• Sleeping Bag – US$20 per person per trek (It will be clean and warm)
• Walking Poles – US$15 per pair per trek (Professional Poles that can be extended)
• Personal tent: US $30 – (Please request when you book your Trek)
• Vistadome Train Upgrade – US$57 per person (For the return to Cusco (Poroy) at 4:43pm )
• Huayna Picchu Mountain – US$35 per person (Please request when you book your Trek)
• Machu Picchu Mountain – US$30 per person (Please request when you book your Trek)
• One way bus ticket from Machu Picchu back to Aguas Calientes – It can be hiked in one hour.
• Tips for the crew, guide, cook and porters

You should bring
• A good day pack: such as Eagle Creek Afar Backpack (Appropriate pack to carry your personal belongings.)
• Original passport (International Student Identity Card “ISIC” if applicable)
• Travel insurance (strongly recommended but not required
• Lighter trekking boots (with good ankle support)
• 3 pairs of trekking pants (not jeans), 1 hiking, 1 cotton–which is just enough. Please spray both pairs with an insect repellent spray before the trip.
• Layers for variable temperatures especially at night.
• 1 rain jacket: The first night the temperature can be as low as – 5 degrees Celsius/23 degrees Fahrenheit. A rain jacket can be helpful, because there are rainy days even in the dry season!
• 1 warm/winter jacket (Thermals: wool socks/gloves, scarf and woolen hat for cold nights).
• 4 pairs of underwear, 6 pairs of socks (Bamboo or cotton/nylon-blend socks dry faster than 100 percent cotton, which lose their softness when air-dried.) It is nice to have a couple of extra pairs of socks to change into at night when you’re not hiking. Also, we recommend bringing both really heavy hiking socks and lighter socks as well as the weather is variable, so you want to make sure you’re not too cold or too hot.
• 4 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts
• 1 good sleeping bag liner which is super lightweight and easy to pack. This definitely does its job!
• Travel-size tissues and wet wipes–The air is cold and damp, so your nose is going to run a lot. Everyone seems to run out of tissues by the end of the trek. Also, most bathrooms do not have toilet paper (if you even get a bathroom), so wet wipes are key.
• Iron tablets and pills for altitude sickness. Several people on the hike have varying degrees of altitude sickness and both of these remedies (in addition to the coca tea) are very helpful in alleviating the symptoms.
• Sun protection cream (SPF 45 or higher recommended).
• Bug spray with 30% DEET in it–which you need, but it doesn’t work very well. The issue with Cusco outdoor is that most of the bugs are not mosquitoes. They are these small flies you can’t even see that leave weird bites that first look like you pricked your finger and then blow up into itchy red bumps. Unfortunately, these bugs seem to bite you no matter what kind of spray you put on, so bringing some anti-itch ointment could be helpful.
• Re-usable plastic or metal water container or a hydration pack such as Camelback
• Water (Only for first day of the hike, as we will provide you with water throughout the rest of the hike).
• Camera and film
• A headlamp to navigate camp in the evenings and pre-dawn mornings with spare batteries
• Bandages or moleskin
• Flip flops to change into at night. Your toes will thank you!
• Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste/floss, shampoo/conditioner, brush/comb, Vaseline (great for potential blisters on the feet), feminine hygiene products, deodorant, nail clippers/file/tweezers, spare glasses and/or prescription, mini-eyeglass repair kit, contact lenses and supplies, hand sanitizer etc. Pack what you need, but pack light.
• Medication (Imodium AD or something for your stomach) because some people get an upset stomach on the trek. Also, Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen can be helpful to help with aches and pains after 8-10 hours of hiking each day.
• Plastic bags for dirty and wet clothes
• Something to read in the evenings
• Extra money for drinks, tips in soles for cooks, horsemen, guides. (USD$60-70).
• Emergency money at least 300-450 extra soles (USD$ 220)



Pick up at your Hotel in Cusco and traveling via private vehicle through the Sacred Valley (1 hr. & 40 min) reaching the picturesque village of Soqma (Alt. 3,205 m/ 10, 512 ft.), which is the trailhead to start our trekking. Here we will meet our tour leader and staff and begin our great adventure to Ancascocha.

We will begin with a gentle walk along the Valley (approx. 2 hr.) until you reach “Perolniyoc” waterfall, stopping to film or take photos, while you enjoying one of the most beautiful waterfalls within the Sacred Valley.

We will continue hiking for 35 min. reaching the archaeological site of “Perolniyoc”, perched atop of the mountain, after listening to our tour leader revealing the remnants of the Inca history. After lunch, we will hike down (45 min.) to camp for R & R(relax and rest) for our next day adventure.
Overnight camp in the village of Rayan (3,700 meters / 12.136 feet).


  • Meals: Lunch & Dinner
  • Distance: 8 km / 5 miles
  • Est. Walking Time: 4 to 5 hrs.
  • Lowest Altitude: 3,205 m / 10,512 ft.
  • Highest Altitude: 3,700 m / 12,136 ft.
  • Distance: 8 km / 5 mile
  • Level of difficulty: Moderate
  • Area: Mountainous



After a very early nutritional breakfast, we will continue the hike/trek (3 hours approx.) reaching a place known as Puccaqasa (4.370 m / 14.333 ft). At the top of the pass, we can marvel at views of the Sacred Valley. This is a perfect place to take lots pictures and videos.

Afterwards, we will descend (Est. 25 minutes) to our lunch area. Next, we’ll hike (descending and ascending) for 2 hours. The last 20 minutes of the hike, we will hike uphill to the highest level to an area called “Kuychicassa” (4,457 m/14,619 ft). We continue our descent for 3 hours to the Incan zone known as “Inti Punku”, where you’ll relish the spectacular view of “Mount Veronica” (at a height of 5,682 m) and looking downwards to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Our camp will be located 30 minutes downhill from Inti Punku to Choquetacarpo (3,600 m/11.808 ft.).


  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • Hiking Distance: 13 km
  • Approx. Hike time: 8 to 9 hours
  • Lowest Altitude: 3.600 m/11.808 ft
  • Highest Altitude: 4,457 m/14,619 ft
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Arduous
  • Area: Mountainous



After our nourishing breakfast, we’ll trek down for about an hour to the “Quarry of Cachiqata” (at a height of 3,525 m), a place where Incan stone-cutters carved removed stones and polished them to build the Temple of the Sun in Ollantaytambo. Here, the trek leader will also explain the reason why construction was interrupted. From the “Cantera” (Quarry) we will ascend 3 hours reaching the archaeological site of Ollantaytambo (2,840 m).

Enjoy lunch in Ollantaytambo and you’ll have some time to sightsee around the city. In the afternoon, we’ll be in route to Aguas Calientes by train.

Upon arriving to Aguas Calientes, you’ll check at our designated Hotel. You can visit the popular natural hot springs (an excellent way to spend an afternoon) and finally enjoy a delicious dinner at night in one of the best restaurants in Machu Picchu


  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • Hiking Distance: 11 km/7 miles
  • Approx. Hiking time: 4 hours
  • Lowest Altitude: 2.840 m/9.315 ft.
  • Highest Altitude: 3,525 m/11,562 ft.
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate



After a scrumptious breakfast (5:30 a.m.), we will board the bus transporting us to the Majestic Lost City of the Incas, “Machu Picchu”. The trek leader will impart the history of this mystical place. We will have the opportunity to visit the “Temple of the Sun”, the “Royal Palace”, the “Main Temple”, the “Temple of the Three Windows” and the “Sun Dial”. Here, we promise an unforgettable experience. After your guided tour, you’ll have free time to do your own exploring.

  • If you have reserved your visit to “Huaynapicchu” (tickets limited to 400 per day – NOT INCLUDED), you’ll begin your hike at 7:00 – 10:00 a.m., please coordinate with the Tour Guide for your visit depending on Municipality’s programmed time.

There are many more activities that you can do. These activities are optional (not included with package) for example: The “Puerta del Sol” (2 hours hike up and down), where you will appreciate the Inca city from a different view point.

In the afternoon, we catch the train to reach the City of Ollantaytambo. Upon arrival to Ollantaytambo, we will have transportation waiting to drive you back to your hotel in Cusco.


  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Lowest Altitude: 2,040 m / 6.691 ft
  • Highest Altitude: 2,440 m / 8,052 ft


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